Cedars CanSupport

Cedars CanSupport

Our purpose is to raise funds and awareness for Cedars CanSupport which provides free psychological and emotional support, practical information and financial assistance to cancer patients and their families at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC).

With your participation and support, Cedars CanSupport:

    • hires the best professional staff to deliver and oversee all of CanSupport’s many services and programs such as:
    • holding 4/ 5 free lectures for the general public, given by our best doctors and nurses and featuring cancer survivors
    • continuing to create warm and welcoming environments in the hospital for our patients and their families, and when hospitalized, to create a space and feeling the closest thing possible to home.
    • offering support groups, retreats, camps and information for Adolescent & Young Adults (AYA) with cancer (ages 18-39)
    • offering sessions and support groups on “chemo brain”, Coping Skills, Men with Cancer, breast cancer, and others
    • continuing to offer financial support to those most desperately in need of it
    • helping with transportation & parking
    • offering the following complementary therapies: massage, relaxation, art, music, drama, reiki, yoga and exercise to hospitalized patients and those in treatment.
    • helping the patients of other hospitals, by creating our Cedars CanSupport model of supportive cancer care for any other hospital, anywhere, to take back for their patients.
    • welcoming you as our partners in providing the best care we can to the most patients and families we can…one person at a time.

A Message from our Founder:

Gwen NacosImagine you hearing these words from your doctor:
“You have cancer.” What are your first thoughts? – despair, hopelessness, death?

A cancer diagnosis means surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hospitalizations, and visits to the emergency. And who is there to help you through all this? Who do you turn to when you need to reach someone? Who is there to guide you through the endless morass, to cheer with you when the news is good, and to stand by you when the news is bad? Who do you talk to when you don’t know how you will afford the countless trips to the hospital or pay the parking? Who do you call when you don’t have anyone to drive you to the hospital? Who do you call when you want to know how others have done it? How can you manage your work, your spouse, your children and your home? The answers to all these questions lie with us. This is what CanSupport is here to do: answer your questions and respond to your needs.

What Cedars CanSupport does is first, let you know that you are not alone. We are there for you and with you; to help guide you from the time you are diagnosed right through to the end, hopefully to the end of treatment and to your return to good health. And if good health is not the way it turns out, then to the end of your life, and beyond for your families, by helping them deal with their grief. Where do you go for answers to your questions? We help you find the right information, whether it comes from asking the right questions of your doctors or finding good, reliable information on the web. Do you want to meet someone who has had the same cancer? Someone who has faced some of the same hardships as you? And what if you are falling apart emotionally – you and/or your family? What if you are falling apart and don’t know how to cope with your issues? We will refer you to a psychologist if you need individual help or to a support group if you want the support of others like you. What if you have financial difficulties, need help with child care, with transportation to and from the hospital, with paying the parking fees? We have financial assistance available and social workers to work with you. What if you need a wig, or want to improve your appearance from the effects of chemo or radiation? We can help you find a wig and to improve your appearance. Alone in the hospital? We have volunteers to sit with you, and services to help you pass the time – movies, games, tea time, wine & cheese hours.

Cancer is not just a diagnosis. It becomes a way of life. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, the whole family gets cancer.

Please paddle with us and support the fine work we do. We need your help!

Gwen Andrews Nacos
Cancer Survivor
Founder, Cedars CanSupport

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