Upon entering the park, the volunteers will direct you to the paddlers’village.

In the Paddlers Village you will find a tent with your team name on it. This will be your home base for the day, so get settled and make yourselves comfortable. You are free to decorate your tent however you would like (banners, ribbons, colours, whatever). It will have a table in it, but it is up to you to bring your own chairs, blanket, etc. for your team to hang out on between races.

Upon your arrival you will find a volunteer ambassador waiting for you in your tent. This person will act as your ‘go-to’ person for the day and will be in charge of getting your lunch, water and T-shirts, taking care of the teams general needs and making sure all the appropriate forms are signed. The ambassador will remain in your tent to keep track of all your things while you are on the water, but it is a public park, and we suggest you leave any valuables at home. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

When it is time for your first race you and your team will make your way to the water where you will participate in a light warm up and have your team photo taken. You will then be given your paddles and lifejackets and directed to your seats on the boat.


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